2ft. mountable USB 16 port charge strip | Individual powered USB ports

MFG Part Number: CM-USB16MCS
Take advantage of utilizing each and every charging port, connect all 16 ports without losing power to any USB device that is simultaneously connected. One switch controls the power strip but each port has its own power pack circuit making this charger very unique.
Key features
  • Use 16 USB Ports to Charge up to 16 devices with 5V 2.4A per USB port.
  • Heavy Duty aluminum case design for exceptional heat distribution.
  • Power and USB cable receptacles conveniently located on the top of the Power Strip.
  • Uses USB type-A male connection for charging
  • Ready to be used once the power cable is connected.

24 inch Mountable Charging Strip

The CM-USB16MCS is a Fully Mountable 24 inch USB Power Strip enclosed within an industrial-grade extruded aluminum. The USB Charging Strip incorporates mounting brackets on both ends that allows its user to place it in a work area, under tables, or on the wall in vertical or horizontal positions to provide easy, out of the way access for USB charging devices.

The CM-USB16MCS heavy duty construction is designed with a straight on, no hassle access for easy organization of connected devices for charging up to 16 USB devices. Each port incorporates its own unique power pack (16 power pack units) so devices that are connected are not affected by another connected device. When switched on, a blue LED illuminates to indicate power is on.

The 16 Port USB Charge strip's design is with heavy duty aluminum and has exceptional heat distribution capabilities during operation. It includes a 6ft. power cord on the end of the unit. Once power is connected to the power strip, all ports are ready for use.

USB Charging Strip Features and Specs

  • Utilizes 5V 2.4A per USB port, 15A max. 125 VAC 60Hz.
  • Incorporates 16 USB ports, each with individual power circuits.
  • 25.5 inches overall length.
  • Includes power LED indicators on each port.
  • Heavy duty aluminum case design for heat distribution.
  • Charging Amps: Max. 2.4 Per Port
  • Power Input: AC 110/240V 50-60Hz, Max 3A
  • Power Output: DC 5V, 2.4A
  • Length: 609.7mm(L) x 44.45mm(W) x 44.45mm(H)
  • Working Temperature: 41°F - 122°F / 5°C - 50°C
  • Working Humidity: 15% - 90% RH
Part NumberCM-USB16MCS
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