USB 3.1 Type-C Male to DisplayPort Male 18 inch Interface Video Cable

MFG Part Number: CM-U31CMDPM-18
Brings your audio / video connection to a newer technology by providing data signals over USB-C to a DisplayPort connector for maximum benefits of the first generation USB 3.1. This cable replaces the need to connect via DVI utilizing a the Type-C reversible USB connector and incorporating the ability for video channel linking.
Key features
  • Infuses New USB 3.1 Type-C First Generation technology with DisplayPort specification.
  • Incorporates The Type-C reversible connector for ease of host port connections.
  • 18 cable connection for flexible connection.
  • Use as the primary audio / video source for your display device.
  • Increases overall transmission bandwidth and performance.

18 inch First Generation USB 3.1 Type-C to DisplayPort

18 inch Type-C Male to DisplayPort connector (CM-U31CMDPM-18) supports digital video input / output via the host connected Type-C connector. The first generation USB 3.1 Type-C to DisplayPort cable supports both audio and video including protocol support for transmitting and receiving display data. The DisplayPort 1.3 enables the support of 4K Stereo at 120Hz frame rate with full 24 bit 4:4:4 color.

Using the USB 3.1 first generation C-Type Male with DisplayPort Male connector version 1.3 allows 32 to 192 KHz sampling rate; maximum bitrate 36,864 kbit/s (4.608 MB/s), The combination of the the new Type-C connector with DisplayPort allows the user maximum benefits over DVI

Features and Specification of USB 3.1 Type-C to DisplayPort

  • Uses USB 3.1 reversible Type-C connector
  • 18 inch short connection between Type-C and DisplayPort device
  • Uses DisplayPort connector version 1.3 superseding DVI
  • Backward compatible with USB 3.0
  • Bitrate of 1.62, 2.7, 5.4, or 8.1 Gbit/s data rate per lane; 1, 2, or 4 lanes; (effective total 5.184, 8.64, 17.28, or 25.92 Gbit/s for 4-lane link); 1 Mbit/s or 720 Mbit/s for the auxiliary channel.
  • Electrical signal: +3.3V
  • Maximum Voltage: 16.0V
  • Maximum Current 0.5A
Part NumberCM-U31CMDPM-18
Warranty1 Year
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